Real Talk

Story Time: A New Arrival

Posted Sun, Mar 3th 2019
By Dribbles

So I'm planning on writing a piece by piece series on some ideas I've been having. The goal is to write like a chapter a week or something like that, and post it here. I don't know if I can stick to a schedule though, so think of it more as 'a new chapter will appear every so often'. But I think it might be a fun little project.

I haven't got anything new to post just yet, but maybe expect something soon. Soon being the 'next two weeks' type of soon, I would think. Unless I get sidetracked, in which case, don't expect anything soon! Confusing I know, but work is a bit hectic right now, so I'm more inclined to relax in my free time. 

If you guys like high fantasy with a semi-steampunk-ish aesthetic, it might be up your alley. Stay tuned for anything in Story Time relating to the title 'Rebel Skies'.