I'm Drew

Developer, Writer, Daydreamer

A few things about me


Developer by trade.

Writer, gamer, and general media-consumer by choice. 


I've been working in the IT industry since late 2016, ranging from customer support, internal support, web programming, and a mix of duties from all over the spectrum.


In my spare time, you can find me working on my website, a Discord bot, reading or writing, bingeing the next show or movie on my list, hosting a Games Night for friends, or keeping my buddies alive in video games. 




Here's a list of languages, frameworks, and more that I've gained experience with over the years.

My programming languages
  • HTML 90 90%
  • CSS 50 50%
  • JS 60 60%
  • PHP 80 80%
  • SQL 75 75%
  • PYTHON 30 30%
  • LUA 10 10%

CMS' that I've worked with
SilverStripe WordPress Shopify Squarespace

Development tools that I've worked with
PhpStorm Atom GitHub Gitlab Bitbucket JIRA

Looking for something?

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