My History


My first introduction to the game was through my cousin, and making a character here and there on his account when I had the opportunity. While I had my own account, I was too young to pay for it, so I eventually just ended up using my cousins. 



My first ever character on my account was a Tauren Druid name Tigerjaw, which I still have to this day. He's still chilling on Caelestrasz around level 25, wearing his Competitor's Tabard from back when the Olympics were running. I've since decided to leave him be, as a sort of nostalgia for the old days of WoW.



Back on my cousin's account, I continued to play on the server where he kept all his characters. I stayed as a druid, but this time I was running as a Night Elf Balance Druid called Khazran. Levelling in Classic / BC content was tough, really tough. I was sooooo slow, and died so often. By the time I hit 55, Wrath of the Lich King had been out for months, with my cousin patiently waiting for me to enable Death Knights on his account (I was far ahead of him). 



World Alliance

2008 - 2011

With my new Death Knight, Cadovir, I quickly found a new guild while questing in Hellfire Peninsula; World Alliance. In its current day, I believe the guild is now known as Allegience. I made a lot of online friends here, and while never attaining a high rank like officer, I did help organise some guild events and helped others out. Eventually, during Cataclysm, a disagreement occured between certain members and our Guild Master. I happened to be offline when this occurred, so I logged in to find a number of people missing with their own guild. 

They eventually told me they were starting to raid, something World Alliance had never pulled off, and offered me a spot. I said sure, and swapped my main (now my hunter) over to their guild thinking 'this is like, the raid guild for World Alliance or something'. This happened in the evening, and most members were offline, bar an officer and some others. I announced my swapping of my hunter to the few online, and joined the other team.

I woke up in the morning to find all my characters had been removed from World Alliance. Through one of my friends, I learned that the GM threw a fit and removed me thinking I agreed with 'the enemy' in whatever fight had occurred, which I was unaware of. When I tried to explain, she called me a liar. The officer who was online couldn't back me up, she was either AFK or just didn't like me. So with that, I was out.

I raided on and off with the other guild, but took a break not long after The Firelands patch was released.

In the interim, I hopped between a couple of different guilds, even faction changing my Hunter to Horde to play with a buddy. But by the time WoD had released, I was alone in another empty guild. I decided to faction change back so I could interact with my alts again.


I begin my break through all of MoP.



I return from my break for WoD, still hanging around in an empty guild while I did my own thing.